Over the last year or so, you’ve met, dated and now married your beautiful Asian woman. She’s a real sweetheart and you’d been getting on really well when dating; you’d navigated all of the usual obstacles relating to the challenges of a mixed race relationship… and are now looking forward to a life of bliss and contentment with your new partner.

Well, like any marriage the world over, there are bound to be ups and downs, but your Asian lady will continue to need some special attention—plus you’ll still need to continue to be aware of some of the key factors which helped her decide that you were the one for her; so, read on, and continue to enjoy being with your chosen life partner:

Aaaah…Family (again!): Two things to remember—not only did you need to convince the Asian love of your life that your were the one for her, but you had to convince her family too. One thing many foreign men quickly forget (or maybe never realised) is that, in fact, not only did they marry their lovely lady, but they married her family as well. You’ll probably now be seeing much more of her family as they call around unexpectedly—often at unearthly early hours, or maybe late on, just when you are settling down for an amorous evening and mother-in-law pops in with some food for you and her daughter. It happens, so get used to it!

Children: partly associated with the above point….. now, you may not have planned on having children in the early marriage years, or maybe even not at all. But you didn’t count on the wishes of the family, especially mother-in-law. She needs a grandchild. Your wife’s father needs a grandchild. Do you think your lovely Asian wife is going to resist or go against the wishes of her family? Uh-oh! So, enjoy “practicing” the making of babies as, sooner or later, you are probably going to be a father!

Careers (yours and hers): Notwithstanding the above point, if your new wife has a career, you may get some breathing space before having children, although she may be content to have child now, get it out of the way (as it were), and then get on with her career. Your Asian wife will also expect you to move onwards and upwards in your career and there will be subtle and not so subtle pressures at play about your promotions (or lack thereof), salary increases and so on

Freedom: So who doesn’t give up some or all of their freedom when they get married? After marriage, particularly, Asian women generally like you to spend more time with them and not with your friends when you have spare time; they, usually, like you to follow them around doing what they like to do at weekends or on public holidays. It’s vital, especially if you haven’t set some “ground rules’’ during your courtship to, early on in the marriage, agree with your Asian lady that you both need some time apart to do your own thing, some independence from each other, some space…. do it tactfully and reassuringly, and things should be fine.

It’s often said that, whether it is an Asian women or not, women change after marriage. True, for sure—but it’s up to you to try and keep the status quo you had before marriage as far as possible—especially if you want your marriage to your Asian beauty to last forever….