There are perhaps more myths circulating about Asian brides than about most other types of mixed race relationships.

By and large Asian brides do not have a good reputation but, as we all know, reputations can be based on a mixture of some truth but, often than not, a higher proportion of falsehoods!

Rumours, myths and stories

If you step back and take stock of some of the rumours, myths and stories about Asian brides, whilst it’s undeniable that there are some horror stories, it has to be said that many of the positive things about Asian brides are never mentioned as they are not as newsworthy as the negative!

Key causes of friction

So why do these horror stories come about, and what are some of the causes of failed relationships between a foreign men and Asian women?

asian bride

asian bride

It’s quiet easy really to name but some of the key issues which arise with Asian brides and their foreign partners are:

  • unrealistic expectations on both sides
  • no preparation or research about the others’ culture and characters
  • inappropriate reasons for entering into the relationship in the first place—and, perhaps, the biggest issue:
  • if you have never met your future Asian bride or foreign husband except via the internet or on the telephone the first few months or years will be a steep learning curve in how to establish and maintain a mixed race relationship

14 pointers to make for an easy life

Well, as we are keen to dispel some of the myths and get to the truth, we’ve put together a great selection of 14 top pointers to give you guidance in your quest for that right Asian bride for you:

1. There’s not just your Asian bride, there’s also the in-laws

As with many Asian women, the family is the centre of all life; and you need to remember that your Asian bride will almost certainly have a large family in tow, many of whom will think that this rich foreigner will be their salvation

2. Japanese brides are highly sought after

With living in an advanced economic nation, as well as being very attractive and well educated, most Japanese women are unlikely to be dating and marrying foreigners for economic reasons. Yet, you need to be sure you know as much as you can about Japanese culture:

3. Mail order brides do still exist in Japan

Some say the origin of mail order Asian brides was in Japan, albeit some 60 or more years ago when times were different. However, there are still sites which cater to foreign men looking for Japanese brides off-the shelf as it were:

4. Thai weddings are really quite something

By comparison, getting married in the West is quite straightforward. Thai weddings, on the other hand, are steeped in tradition and it’s vital to know what you are getting yourself into if your Asian bride is Thai and chooses to have a traditional wedding:

5. Getting on with your Thai in-laws

Mother is the centre of family life in Thailand and the best strategy is to impress her (almost as much as you try to impress your new Thai wife!) if you want your relationship with your Thai Asian bride to prosper:

6. Asian women are ideal partners for many foreign men

Foreign men dating and marrying Asian women is not a new phenomenon and has been occurring for centuries; many such relationship have survived the test of time down the generations and are happy caring relationships:

7. Continue your dream of marrying an Asian bride

As with any marriage or long term relationship, after the first few years of feeling like it’s a long honeymoon, you then have to work at your relationship to make sure it stays on track and continues for longevity:

After marrying an Asian woman… then what?

8. Children are close behind mothers as the epicentre of an Asian bride’s life

Family is vital to most Asian women—and having a child or children is a pre-requisite for happiness. So, no matter how old the foreign man is, or what the age-gap, many Asian brides still want to have a child to cement the marriage:

9. Online dating has taken away the hassles of find a Thai wife

Pre-internet, finding a Thai wife was a challenge, and many foreign men not living in the country relied on letters and phone calls to meet their dream lady. Now they can do this from their home of office by just pressing a few buttons on their keyboard!

10. Thai brides can be enigmas

You’d never date or propose to marry a woman in your home country without getting to know her well; so, why would you do this with a Thai bride who is from a different social and cultural background?

11. Finding a Korean woman either by mail order (or other ways) to marry

Korean women always rank highly as desirable Asian brides with many having already assimilated into the US, UK or Australian societies, having married foreign men and lived overseas decades ago:

12. First dates are always special

If you think back to other first dates you’ve had, the first date is always different and you know early on if the lady is going to be special or not. With an Asian lady the same applies, but be aware of cultural taboos:

13. Don’t make the wrong moves with Asian women

If you are set on dating an Asian woman, it’s important to be seen as valuing her for herself and not just as an objectivised creature of a fantasy that you have harboured for some time:

14. A million dollar question: why do Asian women date foreign men?

Of course, there’s no single answer to such a question and the list of answers can be as long as a page of A4 or even longer! Mutual attraction, love, economic reality… and so on:

Once you have finished reading through these 14 pointers, were sure you’ll have a much better understanding of what potential Asian brides are all about…. Enjoy!