Dreaming of having an Asian bride? Maybe you will meet her when you least expect it; or maybe you’ll take the choice of opting for a “mail-order bride.”

Whichever way you choose, it’s fair to say that the many foreign men who admire the beauty and femininity of Asian women (usually the first points of attraction to most women) don’t ever imagine that, in reality, they will, one day, be in a long term relationship or maybe even married to such a lady. Sure, many men have their dreams but, as with lots of other things, achieving your goals is not always easy.

Asian Women: Traditional or Modern?

Traditional or modern Asian women: what’s the difference?

I often smile to myself when people start talking about choosing a traditional or modern Asian woman as their girlfriend or wife. Debating the advantages of one over the other, comparing the merits and demerits of each “category”. But picking your intended life partner is hardly the same as picking, say, a flavour of ice cream is it? Hmm…, shall I have chocolate or vanilla, strawberry or raspberry?

Usually, with human relationships, in whichever part of the world they are, the key drivers to our choices are our emotions, our inner feelings, and our perceptions of the physical beauty or attractiveness of our potential mate. If it’s an Asian woman, the question whether she is a traditional or a modern woman becomes secondary to the primary “suitability for mating” requirements which our brains have already sub-consciously noted and endorsed, plus our personal preferences about what an attractive woman should look like.

Still, in this piece, it’s probably worthwhile outlining the main characteristics that many foreign men perceive as attributable to the two “options” of Asian ladies available, so we can see if “traditional” and “modern” can be clearly defined or, in fact, whether most Asian women are, in reality, a blend of the two. The modern world, with its instant, worldwide communications, relative openness and accessibility has led to a major blurring of cultures—one result of which is that many issues which could neatly be compartmentalised even 10 years ago are now impossibly, permanently intertwined; such as the characteristics of traditional and modern Asian women!

Let me explain what I mean.

If we look at how we can describe “traditional” Asian women, we may say they are, amongst other things: relatively shy/humble, conservative in outlook and demeanour, homely (as in taking care of the home and children, or not working full time), family centric, studious, strongly loyal to their man and….., dare I say it, subservient?

“Modern” Asian women, it can be argued, may be: outgoing, independent (ie not financially or emotionally dependent on a man or on their family), well educated, career minded (excessively so in some cases), able to live and travel alone, not necessarily attached to one man or even, in some cases, not wanting children to impinge on their lifestyle.

Of course, these “characteristics” can be added to or debated at length, but the crux of the matter is: do you know any Asian woman these days who neatly fits exactly into one of these categories or the other? I won’t wait for your answer but, if you do know someone, then I’d suggest you or they are in the minority.

Most Asian women I know possess a handful of characteristics from each “list” and, therefore, can be considered as a (rather nice) blend of the old and the new; our modern, fast paced, constantly changing society has shaped women not only to be different physically from that they were 10-15 years ago, but also changed them mentally, their behaviours and their outlook on life—forever!

Why foreigners prefer Asian brides?

After all, given that human relationships involve a complex set of dynamics and operate on both physical and mental levels, finding an Asian woman to be your wife and life partner is hardly like preparing a business plan where everything can be carefully organised and arranged methodically step by step. However, as everyone knows, both establishing a business or entering a new relationship involve a degree of risk and it’s prudent to go into any new business or emotional situation with your eyes wide open!gs in life, making dreams become reality is much harder than it sounds; plus, sadly, in some cases, they are simply dreams without foundation.

Asian Mail-order brides or conventional dating?

But, anyway, as a starter, let’s assume you’ve determined that an Asian lady is for you;

Asian Brides

Asian Brides

you’ve met her when you’ve been working in the region, through friends or maybe through one of the more reputable dating services on the internet. You’ve dated for a while, got on so well; met her family and are now totally smitten by her beauty, charm and grace. In short, you are in love!

Is she really the one for you? The one lady who you want to spend your life with—a partner in both the physical and mental senses? Is a marriage to an Asian lady going to be the same as when you were simply dating her? Are Asian wives better (or worse!) than western wives? In any event, what are the key differences?

The questions can be endless but, of course, in reality, only you can decide; only you know what you feel, know what your heart is telling you!

Asian Brides

Asian Brides

Still, we are here to assist as much as we can. We have put together a series of articles addressing some of the most frequently questions and concerns of foreign men looking for, or already with, Asian brides; we can give you some tips, some pointers and, hopefully, help you learn a lot more about women from the region—and what it is really like to have an Asian wife.

Having a long term life-partnership with an Asian woman

Obviously, you need to know as much as you can about finding and marrying her before you take the “plunge”—but, equally as importantly, need to know how to be able to manage the relationship going forward to ensure it remains healthy for the duration.

All of the articles on our website have been written by authors who really know their subject, having had their own first-hand experiences of beautiful Asian women; so read on and enjoy…!


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