Is your Asian girlfriend a typical woman? Well, Show me a woman, especially an Asian woman, who doesn’t like her boyfriend or husband to give her the occasional gift (or two or three…), and I’ll make a doctor’s appointment for her; she must be ill! But seriously…, Asian ladies love to receive that unexpected or expected present now and then, both on the usual sort of birthdays, key festival days or even x-mas, but more importantly on the anniversary(ies) of you getting together and, on the big one in Asia, Valentine’s Day.

Especially in the early stages of your relationship, to not buy her something on the day of lovers is, well…, how can I say? Almost unforgiveable! She’ll be comparing her flowers with her workmates, with her friends and so on; a good dinner is, of course, de rigour and will help to further cement your relationship.

Sometimes it’s the thought that counts, and a small token of your affection to your Asian woman, rather than a large, expensive present such as a Prada or Louis Vuitton handbag (I’ll come on to brands later) every time, is always well received. In fact, most Asian ladies are pragmatic about money and do not (believe it or not) want you to spend all of your hard earned money on her.

It’s widely known that most Asian women are seriously brand conscious (many Asian men too for that matter) and you’ll need to find out which brands she prefers before popping into Coach or Prada, Vuitton or MCM or Gucci and so on. To be safe, it is suggested that, whilst you may spring the surprise of a gift upon her when you are out and about shopping, definitely let her do the choosing, as the idiosyncrasies of buying, say a handbag or purse, which are lost on many men, will be vital to her. As an add-on, try not to be too shocked by the price tag on whatever she does finally choose! You’ll get over it…

Some people say buying shoes for Chinese ladies is a no-no owing to the negative connotations of her now being able to “walk away from you” (and your relationship) but, generally, brand name shoes are welcomed by most Asian ladies: Nine West or Jimmy Choo or the like but, again, let her do the choosing between the red, 6 inch heels and the comfortable, no/low heel slip-ons.

Tiffany is favoured for jewellery items and other accessories if you are in the serious relationship stakes but, otherwise, pretty (gold or silver) jewellery is also acceptable, as are designer, branded clothes—tops, skirts sweaters…, in fact anything to wear, really! Clearly, no two Asian women will be the same and part of your “detective work” will be to have found out what she really likes, plus what she looks good in and feels comfortable wearing, whether this be clothes or rings or bracelets etc.

I’ve saved an important one for the very last: many (most) Asian women, I must admit, are relatively immature compared to their western counterparts (you may have learned this already…) so you probably really can’t go wrong to now and then buy your woman a cute, soft toy: a teddy bear with an appealing face or dressed sweetly; a stuffed dog or other animal which she likes; or…., aargh… even a Hello Kitty doll!

You’ll be surprised how pleased she’ll be, your Asian woman, and you’ll get a lot of pleasure on seeing her pleasure!