Aaah…, Asian ladies,the Far East; fascinating countries, interesting cultures… and very mysterious, Asian women. Sometimes the whole region is hard to fathom, hard to work out—a huge array of peoples and customs, sights, smells plus, of course, a huge variety of women—most of whom, generally, keep their emotions in check, don’t let their true feelings show; are hard to read, decipher.
You’ve spotted an Asian beauty who appeals to you (that’s the easy part), been introduced and are chatting away, and now you want to get to know her even better; need to be sure she is attracted to you. What do you do? Are you wasting your time? Or is this, finally, “Miss Right’’?
Try to keep acting as naturally as possible but look for some of the tell-tale signs; try and read her body language, her eye movements, the warmth of her smile. There’s a lot going on, sure, you’re feeling light headed with joy, but check out these pointers:
Asian women are usually “stand offish” when it comes to body contact with strangers, even with those who are not close friends, never mind potential boyfriends or lovers; but if she gives you a playful pinch, even a punch (maybe with a pout of her lips), touches you on the forearm or holds your hand, then you are going in the right direction.
You are chatting away when there is a lull in the conversation, a pause; your Asian lady re-ignites the conversation, clearly not wanting the dialogue to end, hoping that your conversation continues, reluctant to let it taper. She enjoys talking with you instead of with her friends or instead of dashing off to “powder her nose” every few minutes!
Her eyes scan your face when you talk or she keeps eye contact as you are chatting, listening intently to your words and actually flirting with you by saying nothing; letting her lovely eyes talk, telling you all you need to know.
Sometimes jokes or humorous stories work well and can lighten her mood, make your Asian woman more comfortable with you—after all, everyone likes to smile/laugh. See how she responds to your attempts at humour or your anecdotal story—even if it’s not that funny; it this is well received and maybe some light, flirty touching follows, then you’re still doing well—time to step up the “ante’’!
Also, if you are in a club or bar, you can throw in another small test or two if you think things are going well; for example, say you are going to the washroom or somewhere else and test her reactions; if a look of slight disappointment races across her face, count to five, then say you’ve changed your mind and will stay with her as you are enjoying the conversation (of course, sometimes this is high risk if you do step away—some other foreign man may try and “steal” your new found Asian beauty from you!)

They say people know if they are attracted to each other within the first few seconds of meeting; yes, well, maybe—but the overt signs won’t be there in an Asian woman until she gets to know you better, checks you out quite thoroughly—so be patient, be natural and, most of all, look for and read the vital signs!