You’ve been dating your Asian woman for some time, maybe a few months, maybe longer and, gradually, slowly, you are beginning to think she is…, maybe, possibly the right one for you. Or maybe you just wake up one morning and, suddenly, without warning, the “light” goes on and you just know you have found your Asian princess, and want to spend the rest of your life with her.

So far, so good…, but what’s next? Ah-ha…., the proposal of marriage—as important to an Asian woman as the marriage ceremony itself, and something you and she will always remember; so, the act of proposing has to be spot-on, perfect, without any mistake…., and you need to start planning right now, immediately!

As long as you are 100% sure, and have carefully thought through all the implications of what you are about to do, in fact, it’s not that difficult, just a few relatively minor issues to address; but whatever you decide to do, remember Asian ladies are incurable romantics (all those soap operas they watch!) so there may well be lots of tears of joy and happiness.

Some things to consider:

Timing: if you are able, pick a day or time which has some significance to her, or you both; the anniversary of when you met or the first time you went to a particular place you like such as a favourite restaurant or the botanical gardens. Birthdays or other major festival days (Thai or Chinese New Year, for example) may be popular with some Asian women but not others as, if there are too many events happening on the same day, she may feel her “event” is overshadowed

Secrecy: keep your plans to yourself as far as possible, although it may be necessary to let some friends in on your plan in case you need their support. Make it lovely surprise for your Asian woman and keep her in the dark—although it’s a fair bet that she will have guessed something is going on as you’ll, probably, be nervous, wound up and stressed out on the day in question!

Family: to ask or not to ask, that is the question. The more traditional type of Asian woman will probably expect you to have asked her family (father) for her hand—sometimes this may not be practical and sometimes maybe not be what she wants; perhaps a better way is to ask her family after the proposal has been made (and, of course, accepted) as, if you have met the family previously (and had their tacit approval to your relationship), this approval should, hopefully, be a formality

Where and how?: pick a place that some meaning to you both, some fond memories or somewhere you’ve always talked about going but never quite got there; somewhere reasonably romantic: a sunset beach, a mountain top, somewhere amidst splendid nature, before or after a show or concert you both enjoy. Really, it’s up to you!

Then, how? If you go down on your bended knee (just like in the movies), your Asian lady will be sure to be impressed… , just be aware of where this place is as, if in public, you might have lots of admiring onlookers!
Symbolically, the proposal of marriage to an Asian woman has great significance; it shows her you are committing yourself to her, and her alone—and only you can know the best way to do this—the very best of luck!