Trying to pick only 10 of the most beautiful Asian women around for this article was a thankless task… there are thousands upon thousands who, conceivably, could have made this list. Anyway, in no particular order, and giving a flavour of women from several of the Asian countries, see the short bios below and enjoy knowing a bit more about the ladies we’ve picked (oh…, and looking at them too):

Carmen Soo Wai Mun: sexy, sultry Carmen was born in Malaysia but went to Hong Kong in her 20’s to be a fashion model and actress. Most of her work tends to be magazines or other print and television commercials and she has graced many local magazine covers such as NewMan, V Mag and NewTide.

Devon Aoki Edwenna: although born in the US and attending school in London, Devon is very much an Asian lady, with a famous Japanese father and German/English mother—a lovely blend of east and west. She began modelling at 13, has been in several films and also on the covers of magazines, modelling for Lancome, Chanel and Versace.

Shu Qi: stunning Taiwanese actress, born Lin Li-Hui, moved to Hong Kong at the age of 17 and began in the softcore porn modelling industry, appearing on the cover of Penthouse Hong Kong and the Chinese edition of Playboy magazine. Later acting in several films, Shu has won a number of acting awards.

Deborah Priya Henry is a seriously beautiful fashion model who began modelling at the age of 15, spending some of her time in London, and is a previous winner of the Miss Malaysia World beauty pageant. In addition, she has represented Malaysia at Miss World and appeared in several music videos.

Zhang Zilin was the first East Asian holder of the Miss World crown and was later shortlisted as one of the top ten professional supermodels at the Chinese Fashion and Culture Awards. At Giorgio Armani’s Autumn/Winter Collection show in Paris she earned herself the title of “Top Model of the Year”. Just looking at her makes many men drool.

Ziyi Zhang was born in Beijing and is a famous actress and model. From the age of 11, she was interested in dance and gymnastics but, by the time she was 15, she opted to become an actress instead. Ziyi has appeared in many films and has won several key awards, enchanting men throughout the world with her beauty.

Gong Li is one of the most famous “classic Asian” beauties, and an international model and actress. She is credited with helping to bring Chinese cinema to Europe and the United States and has won a variety of awards, including the Golden Rooster, the Cannes Festival Trophy and New York’s Film Critics Circle Award.

Lucy Alexis Liu was born in the US to Chinese immigrants, and has always tried to balance an interest in her cultural heritage with a desire to move beyond a strictly Asian-American experience. After University, she became a professional actress and has appeared in numerous, internationally known TV shows and films. With her amazingly sexy, great looks she has become world famous.

Amber Chia originates from Ipoh, Malaysia, and began her modelling career at seventeen. She gained international fame after winning a Guess Watches Timeless Beauty Contest, the first Asian model ever to win a top global professional modelling contest. Amber has also won Model of the Year at the Malaysian International Fashion Awards and is renowned for her pouty lips and her stunning looks.

Riyo Mori is a Japanese dance instructor, model and actress who previously won the Miss Universe competition, achieving the highest score in the swimsuit section; not surprising really with a beautiful face and figure like hers!