When foreign men are looking to start dating Asian women, there are, usually, two distinct points of view being expressed. For whatever reason, Asian women dating foreign men tends to draw mixed emotions from those who feel a need to voice an opinion.

Views from different perspectives:

from foreign men

It’s not possible to summarise all of the opposing or alternative viewpoints which arise when foreign men

dating asian women

dating asian women

are dating Asian women but, if we look at the two broad categories of the main protagonists, namely the foreign man and Asian women, we can see:

  • there are foreign men who are simply looking for an Asian bride at any cost; they may never have ever met their future bride-to-be and are looking to date an Asian woman on the strength of something they may have read in a book or magazine or seen on TV or even based on hearsay
  • on the other hand, there are foreign men who have lived in Asia or maybe have frequently travelled to the continent. They have researched thoroughly the pros and cons and dating Asian women and are well familiar with local customs and social mores and truly understand what dating or marrying Asian women entails

from Asian women

  • some Asian women simply see dating or marrying foreign men as a way to improve their lives, to get ahead or, maybe, even to escape poverty of their country or upbringing and to forge a new, richer life in the foreign man’s country
  • yet there are many other Asian women who are genuinely attracted to foreign men, their looks, characters, outlook on life and appreciate the subtle differences with which they might treat women when compared with men from their own country

Confused? Not sure how to get stated dating Asian women? Well, don’t be… just read on…

12 viewpoints from a variety of sources to help you make your own decisions

It’s always best to have a balanced view so we’d like to share with you a series of 12 great links which help illustrate such differing opinions, viewpoints and perspectives:

1. Korean women are highly favoured

With so many attractive women with high education standards, and after many years of Korean society as a whole being familiar with large numbers of Korean women dating foreign men, it’s no surprise that there are many dating sites dedicated to Korean women:


2. Is my Asian woman too good to be true?

Many foreign men are easily led on by Asian women, by not having the right experience or not being familiar with the key motivations why Asian women really look for foreign men to date: http://www.loveasianwomen.com/asian-women-gold-digging-some-facts-and-the-fiction/

3. Make sure you know if she’s genuine

Knowing how to interpret body language and pick up the right signals is all important but, of course, so is checking the background of your Asian lady and finding out about her real motivations for dating or wanting to marry you:

Asian Ladies Looking for Foreign Men: How to Know if She is Attracted to You

4. Flirting is a prelude to getting the relationship started

Flirting is a vital part of any courtship, but is it the same between a foreign man and an Asian lady as between couple of the same race? What important things should you do… or not do, as the case may be? http://www.loveasianwomen.com/hot-asian-women-all-you-want-to-know-about-flirting-with-them/

5. Yes, there are some disadvantages of dating

Asian women Like everything in life, there are pros and cons; don’t be blinded by the pros and fall into a trap of your or her own making. Learn all there is to know about the downside of dating Asian women:


6. Local traditions and cultures are still very important

Maybe more so than in western or other societies, but local traditional, beliefs and cultural issues are generally to the fore in Asian societies—and it’s wise, no…, often vital, you know as much as you can about some of these issues:


7. First dates can make or break a potential relationship

The likes and dislikes of Asian women are, typically, quite different to those of many non-Asian women and so the expectations of what constitutes an appropriate first date will differ too. It’s important to get this right—otherwise you may not get a second one!


8. Dating an Asian woman has different challenges

If you think dating an Asian woman is like dating any woman, think again; there are different protocols and procedures to be borne in mind—not to mention that, for example, she might turn up with a friend or family member the first time you meet!


9. Key characteristics of Korean women

Yes, they are still Asian women, but Korean girls have a quite unique set of characteristics—not least of which is their steely determination and tenacity. There are plenty of other key things to know about Korean women too…


10. There’s more to Japanese women than their superficial allure

Often thought to be conservative and mysterious enigmas, Japanese women can cause quite a few surprises when you get to know them well. They’re certainly not homogenous but it’s up to you to find out which type of Japanese women suits you best:


11. Societies have changed their opinions over the years… but some are still conservative

As with any mixed race relationships, the evolution of time has meant that, overall, society has become far more accepting of Asian women having foreign boyfriends or partners… but what are some of the issues that such couples may still have to face?


12. Myths about foreign men and Asian women still abound

Unfortunately, some myths about foreign men dating Asian women just won’t go away and it’s important if you are serious about having an Asian female as your partner that you can separate fact from fiction:


So, there we go! Quite a variety of opinions in these articles and certainly food for thought when you contemplate dating Asian women!