When seeing a beautiful, available Asian woman, many foreign men I know, who probably hold senior, professional positions in their business life, seem to do one of two things: they weigh things up carefully, determine their strategy and execute their plan to “capture” her…. or they leave their brains behind in their home country or their office and acquire a pair of “rose-tinted” glasses.
Sure, we all know that love (or lust) is blind but it’s worth to pause and reflect—which type of man will you be? Dating or marrying an Asian woman can be the best thing which happens to many, many foreign men but, conversely, it can be an intimidating, stressful, less than rewarding experience. It’s all about doing the right research in advance and being aware of some of the main advantages and disadvantages of entering a relationship with an Asian lady.  Let me amplify this statement with some key points:
Culture: meeting and dating someone from quite a different culture can be interesting and rewarding; you’ll about learn a lot of things you didn’t know before. Yet, getting to grips with any new culture, even perhaps a new country, can take time and there are bound to be several misunderstandings to be resolved along the way. Be patient and tolerant and, hopefully, your Asian woman will be with you on this.
Communication: given the wish of many Asian women to get on in life, your woman may well be well educated, and probably has been schooled in English from an early age—so language per se should not be an issue. The issue may be that she hasn’t been brought up to tell things like they are, to be open about matters which are bothering or upsetting her. On one hand, you’ll hear fewer complaints, on the other she’ll simmer like a burner until it’s time to explode and then…… look out!
Generation gap: related to the above point is those cases of a, typically, older man with a beautiful, young Asian woman, someone who’s possibly young enough to be his daughter—all well and good for the foreign man who likes some “eye-candy” by his side and enjoys the envious glances from others but, be honest, what are you going talk about for the long hours when you are not enjoying yourself in bed? You can talk, yes, but it might not be that fulfilling if you are used to serious conversations.
Family: certainly, your Asian woman will be family-centric, good at running a household, managing the children (if any) and devoted to her nearest and dearest; yet, remember, if you are in a long term relationship or do marry the woman in question, you are, in effect, marrying her family—and you’ll be surprised at how many foreign men realise this too late or find the idea of in-laws and other relatives being perpetually around irritating—but lose the family, and the woman will lose you!
Loyalty: the loyalty and caring from Asian women to her immediate family, including her spouse or boyfriend, is renowned as second to none, yet the same woman can be fierce and very demanding about reciprocation of these feelings as well as the need to constantly push to be seen to be better than others. The term “Dragon Mothers” has not been coined without reason!

Pros and cons; advantages and disadvantages, the former outweigh the latter by far. Without wishing to sound cold, though, be professional and loving in your approach to your relationship with an Asian woman, but leave the rose-tinted spectacles at the opticians!