Looking for Asian women for marriage? But what about Asia itself? Do you know it all, or is it homework time? Maybe it’s time for some self improvement?


When you are looking for an Asian woman for marriage, grouping Asian women together as one mass of people is counterproductive, even dangerous, as, depending upon where you draw the boundaries, Asia is inhabited by some 50-60% of the world’s population. Thinking that a Filipina has the same temperament as a woman from the Chinese mainland, that a Korean is the same as an Indonesian is as faintly ridiculous as comparing an English woman with an Italian, a Swede with a Russian!

Some male acquaintances of mine, new to Asia, continue to lump all of Asian women together as if they are a homogenous entity, and then wonder why they never seem to make any progress with their love-lives.

Of course, to gain experience needs time, and for the young, or not so young, man in a hurry it simply becomes a question of trial and error—hardly the way to get on in the long term. Just ask any sales person or successful businessman, one of the key maxims is to know your product and know your market—before you try to enter it!

Much of what I am about to write is, actually, common sense but, to those blinded by the beauty and femininity of Asian women, sometimes even this seems to be lacking; still, here we go:


  • learn to distinguish between women from China, Japan, Korea, Thailand and so on; both in the physical and mental characteristics of the women (yes they do differ!) but maybe even make sure you know where the concerned country actually is—some men in the US persist in thinking that Japan is in China (I’ve seen the addressed envelopes!)
  • it’s no good learning Mandarin Chinese if your Asian lady is from Korea, pointless to study Cantonese if she is Vietnamese; sadly, most foreigners never really get to grips with some of the more difficult Asian languages but, at least, give it a ago. You might be pleasantly surprised at how much your lady appreciates your efforts
  • food is absolutely an integral part of Asian life, either through formal or informal dining; so, read up on local favourite foods (sushi, kimchi, dim sum etc) and delicacies, and learn which foods are no-no’s; let your lady take you out and about to demonstrate her knowledge of what’s good and what ‘s not, food wise; she’ll be thrilled to display her knowledge
  • find out about outstanding local customs, festivals (such as Chinese New Year or Songkran) and events—maybe even learn something about the country’s history (ie why did the US occupy The Philippines, and who was there before them?), plus local sensitivities about neighbouring countries

I can hear all the groans now—foreign men reading this saying, “I want to date or marry the beautiful Asian woman I’ve just met, not her country or her culture or her food’. Wrong.  Unlike many western women, most Asian women are relatively nationalistic and proud of their country and culture. If you can’t get to grips with even the basic knowledge then you’ll find getting the right woman that much harder… or you might even not find anyone at all…..