So you are wondering how to make a relationship work with a beautiful Asian woman?


In the early stages of your relationship with an Asian woman, you’ll have to work that much harder than if you were with a “western” woman. “Oh-oh, not so,” I hear you say. “She’s a woman isn’t she, just like other women. Anyway, I’m looking for someone to just do what I say, follow my instructions.”

Take a step back, a deep breath and listen: apart from the fact that your new Asian lady is probably very good looking, she is from a completely different culture to you, has been brought up differently in an environment most likely thousands of miles away (literally) from yours—and her views on what constitutes a good relationships will almost be alien to you. But don’t despair, as here are some key pointers as to how to make your mixed-race relationship succeed in the long term.

You’ll probably be speaking most of the time in English (unless you are a “whizz” in her language)—bear in mind that as, almost certainly, this is her second language and, whilst she might be fluent, sometimes things get will get lost “in translation.” Your lady might say one thing but her precise expression might suggest another (I know, I know, all women say one thing when they mean the opposite!) so forgive her and keep the lines of communications open and as clear as you can.

Always listen to what she has to say and don’t continually interrupt and overlay your ideas on her; Asian ladies are, underneath that soft, demure exterior, fiercely independent—she may seem pliable and co-operative but get under that soft shell and Asian women usually have very “hard centres”—the sooner you realise this, then the better it will be for both of you. This is not a negative trait, as they can often carry their man and family forward with their drive and tenacity.

Try to find out what makes her “tick”; what are her real goals and ambitions, wants and needs. What does she see as important in a relationship, what are some of her key expectations from her man? It’s never easy extracting such information or comments from an Asian lady but, if you approach this in the right way, you’ll be surprised at what you can learn—and a real learning curve it will be.

Despite their need to be protected, Asian women don’t like men who are overly dominating, checking up on their every move, where they are going, who they are seeing; an important part of Asian culture is going out with friends and work colleagues without the “loved one” stringing along and you’ll need to get used to this—trust her and don’t be overly obsessive in your relationship, otherwise it may become shorter than you think!

Lastly, and perhaps one of the most important “dual-points”: don’t cheat on your Asian lady, the consequences may be dire, and don’t overplay any mild “flirting” with her friends—this will only cause you aggravation and upset and you may find you and your relationship ‘’terminated’’!

Much of the foregoing is common sense but you’ll be surprised how many foreign men don’t get the basics right and then wonder why, after they’ve worked so hard to find the Asian woman of their dreams, the dream evaporates. Don’t let it happen to you!