Korean brides, in many ways, are no different than many other brides from the Asian continent—whether you find your Korean bride via an on-line dating portal, or she is a so-called “mail-order bride”.

Naturally, however, there are some idiosyncrasies and character traits of Korean brides and vagaries of Korean wedding functions and ceremonies; accordingly, it’s prudent to check at least some of them out and be as sure as you can that everything will be perfect on your big day.

So, what are some of things you need to consider on the pathway to true love?

1) Before your Korean lady is your bride

If you have been dating for some time, then a day will come when you need to go and see the parents of your future Korean bride. Don’t take this event lightly and prepare well in advance. You are going to be assessed, judged and checked out (subtly, of course) to see if you are the right one in the eyes of your future bride’s family for their daughter

2) If you are choosing a Korean mail-order bride

Korean Brides

Korean Brides

Even if you have never met your Korean mail-order bride in person, get to know as much about her as you possibly can as, hopefully, the relationship you eventually commit to is for the long term. Find out why your future mail-order bride has chose the route of seeking a man in this way and about her aspiration for the future

3) Your Korean bride’s family

Assuming you have managed to get the tacit or overt approval from your future Korean brides family as mentioned above and all systems are “go”, remember that, in Korea, and in Asia generally, for that matter, you “marrying” the family of your bride too—and keeping a good relationship with, especially your mother-in-law, is vitally important

4) A little more on your Korean bride’s family

Hopefully when you did your research before you decided to get married you’d have come to realise that no matter how much your Korean bride loves you and wants to spends the rest of her life with you, she will love and place her family first—always. Some foreigners, now and then, have a problem with this but this is an indisputable fact of life

5) Marriage costs for your Korean wedding

Usually, both families to the proposed union of you and your Korean bride will come to some arrangement about sharing the cost of the wedding and all that entails. Clearly, if you are selecting a mail-order bride the situation may differ owing to her, likely, economic circumstances and you need to bear this in mind

6) Living with your Korean bride’s family or with your mail-order bride

If you are living in Korea already, sometimes after marriage, the bride and groom may stay with the bride’s parents for a while until their own accommodation is sorted; this can be extremely enjoyable or stressful depending upon your relationship with your Korean bride’s parents! Conversely, if you have taken a Korean mail-order bride back to your home country, be sure to give her some time to settle in and get used to your local customs etc
Remember, cross-cultural marriages can be tremendously rewarding and Korean brides, whether you have met her on-line, through friends or via mail-order, are highly sought after for their virtues of beauty, loyalty, drive and determination and so on! So, it’s worth to give your Korean bride your best attention and efforts…