When contemplating starting their quest to meet Asian women, many foreign men tend to overlook certain important facts. Worse still they form an unattainable, ideal image in their minds and objectivise Asian women as being all the same—without really making a determined effort to get to know the individual in question and understanding their specific characteristics.

Two important points

Two of the most important things to remember for any foreign man planning to meet Asian women are actually very basic:

  • the term Asian women refers to women who originate from a multitude of quite different countries in Asia such as Thailand, The Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, China, South Korea and Japan—Asia and the women who live there are not homogenous! The aforementioned countries are quite culturally and socially diverse and, as you’d expect, the indigenous women grow up with quite different attitudes, views, social and religious (or non-religious) norms and outlooks on life.
  • the second things to remember is that Asian women are…, well, yes… women! Just like women in the foreign man’s home country they may well be beautiful, attractive, loving, great cooks or homemakers or great with children…. but, hey, sometimes they will be moody, argumentative, unhappy, unfathomable and prone to temper tantrums
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Relationships with Asian women can be rewarding

Don’t get us wrong, if you have a plan to meet Asian women and have set your heart on it, what are you waiting for, go for it! Relationships with Asian women can be highly rewarding, beneficial to both parties, productive and long lasting. Yet, prudence dictates that it’s wise to know as much about Asian women, what you are really letting yourself in for and how to effectively meet them, before starting your quest—and certainly before making any serious commitment.

Golden tips to help you on your way

So, to help you on your journey to meet Asian women and find the right lady for you, here are 12 golden tips to be aware of if you want your relationship to be successful and with longevity:

1. Just which cities are the best to find Asian women?

As we said above, not all Asian women are the same—indeed, every major city or province (even within the same country) has different types of women with a variety of physical characteristics (ie skin tone, height) as well as mental attitudes


2. Be careful with social and behavioural taboos

Cultural differences between Asian women and non-Asian women abound so it’s vital to be aware of some of the no-no’s and, of course, the yes-yes’ before start; certain behaviours are quite similar to those of non-Asian women whilst others…


3. Turn-ons for Asian women

Don’t just think that to meet and turn on Asian women will be and article all about sex… there’s far more to winning the heart of your beautiful Asian woman than that, and you need to know what the real sweet spots of your future relationship will be!


4. Asian women/foreign men, what’s it all about?

To find and meet Asian women in the past was really rather difficult for many foreign men; nowadays there are many more mixed race type relationships—promulgated in part by easier access to specialised dating websites:


5. Perfect gifts are always welcome

There are very, very few women who don’t love receiving gifts of clothes, perfumes or chocolate; indeed, such women are very rare! Asian women are no exceptions, no matter what their country of birth! http://www.loveasianwomen.com/asian-girlfriends-always-love-perfect-gifts/

6. Most effective ways to find your Asian woman

As with any relationship, in order to find and meet Asian women, you will want to maximise the effectiveness of your efforts—and minimise wasting time (and money) by heading in the wrong direction; read on to help find the woman of your dreams….


7. Are many foreign men addicted to Asian women?

It’s easy for foreign men to become besotted with Asian women and their feminine guiles and characteristics. For third party observers and, especially non-Asian women who may have lost her man to her competitor from Asia, this can be seen as an addiction or as some term it: yellow-fever http://www.loveasianwomen.com/yellow-fever-white-men-and-asian-women-whats-the-attraction/

8. Romance is always high on the list

You’ve met your Asian woman; enjoyed a great start to your relationship—and think that she may, indeed, be the one. Dreamy romance is high on the agenda for most Asian women so make sure you get the proposal for marriage just right…


9. Families of Asian women need careful attention

Many foreign men say winning over the in-laws of their Asian woman is, sometimes, harder than winning the heart of the woman herself. This is often truer for parents of Chinese women where the families will do their utmost to try to make sure the new husband meets their daughter’s longer term expectations! http://www.loveasianwomen.com/in-laws-of-asian-women-how-to-win-them-over/

10. Finding the right woman for you

With the advent of instant worldwide communications through social media and specialised dating sites, the ways to find and meet Asian women for relationships and marriage have changed and you now no longer need to be in an Asian country to find your dream sweetheart! http://www.loveasianwomen.com/find-asian-women-for-marriage/

11. Asian women often have great figures

Certainly, generally, more petite than many of their non-Asian counterparts, many Asian women tend to be smaller boned and framed as a result of both genetics and their diets. The appeal to foreign men of a slim, lithe Asian woman is, seemingly, never ending….


12. Are Korean women enigmas?

Often thought somewhat aloof and unapproachable, Korean women, long admired by foreign men for their tenacity and strength, are not really any different from other Asian women. Treat them well, give them love and affection and respect and they make great long term partners! http://www.loveasianwomen.com/korean-women/

13. Online dating is the best option

Finding Asian women for dating or marriage can now be done from the comfort of your living room or office—there’s no need to waste time hunting around restaurants or clubs or relying on friends or work colleagues for introductions.


14. Get the full low down on Asian women

Where best to find out all you need to know about Asian women and get a better understanding of their backgrounds than via an on-line encyclopaedia?