To meet Asian women is a key objective of an ever increasing number of foreign men… from countries all over the globe. Yet it’s not quite that straightforward.
Meeting beautiful Asian women is a key objective of an ever increasing number of foreign men… from countries all over the globe. Yet it’s not quite that straightforward.

Let’s reminisce a little: think back to when you first started dating, or maybe we should say when you first started having an interest in girls (you were probably 13-14 and they were probably just girls then!) or women. You saw girls in school, girls on the bus home, girls in the shopping centre or maybe, now and then, even in your home when some of your sister’s friends would come around. Girls, girls everywhere you looked… but fairly inaccessible, hard to meet, to get to know (most likely owing to the typical teen shyness which overcomes so many boys!).

meet Asian womenNow you are older, worldlier, more mature… and yet most women are still objects of puzzlement, strange beings—maybe really from a different planet! You might have even been through a marriage and are now free again; it’s time to move on, rebuild your life. Or, in order for you to move on with your career, maybe your company has asked if you’d be interested in an overseas posting to Asia… of course you are!

Whatever your personal situation or circumstances, one thing you do know is that, over time, you have gradually become more and more aware of attractive Asian women. Far more visible than ever before, you have been noticing them frequently, daily, even hourly… in newspapers, magazines, in movies, being interviewed on the TV…. or on internet sites: photos, pictures, video clips…

Beautiful, black haired, slim women… feminine, dainty, attractive visions of womanhood; educated, intelligent, independent ladies…

Wow, wow and wow!

Yes, you think. I’d like to meet an Asian woman; get to know her, date her, maybe even marry her; make her my long term life-partner.

But, before you get too carried away, you need to do some research, make a plan. If you are not in Asia or planning to relocate to Asia, it’s more important to plan well, get properly informed. For those lucky enough to be able to secure employment in the region, clearly, opportunities Asian womento meet Asian women are going to be that much easier but, even so, it’s well worth the effort to find out as much as you can before you arrive.

Don’t forget… we are still dealing with women here! Those mysterious, sometimes unpredictable, creatures we all so adore… add in the fact that we are talking about Asian females here—ladies who may well be more beautiful and feminine than women from other continents, but who are still from a different culture, speak different languages, have different beliefs and so on.

Looking for a beautiful Asian Woman? Where on earth do you find her?

Let’s assume you are already in Asia and looking for a nice Asian woman to befriend, maybe later date and, who knows, even marry. You want to find someone who’s reasonably well educated, well presented and, of course, it goes without saying—beautiful. Sure, you might dabble with some of the more reputable dating sites, but you want to get to know a few Asian women “in the flesh’’ first, be able to interact with them, learn more about them, and their culture, first hand.

So, bearing in mind that many Asian women are usually out and about in small groups of 2 or 3, you pluck up your courage, make yourself smart and head for:

Meet asian women

Meet asian women at the shopping center

Shopping centres: like most women, Asian women just love to shop, shop and… shop, spending hours at the shopping centre, looking for clothes, dining, chatting. In fact, many shopping centres in Asia are places to see and be seen; often a refuge from the heat (or cold) outside and, sometimes an escape from the very small apartments people live in in major Asian cities. There will be throngs of attractive Asian women in clothing, handbag or shoe shops; sitting around in casual coffee shops or just grouped around in the ubiquitous food court which may be a place to dine but also relax and chat. All you have to do is find your “target’’ and work out how to get to know her!

Hiking Groups

Hiking Groups

Sports groups or hiking groups: as a break from the rigours of the week, many Asian women like to enjoy sports; perhaps play badminton or volleyball—even, in some places such as Hong Kong, going hiking in the hills/mountains. As an example, hiking involves large groups of which a high percentage are youngish Asian women, and joining such a groups give an excellent opportunity to meet new friends and acquaintances. As it’s a day off and a day out in the fresh air, most people are more relaxed and happy to talk to strangers, so head for the hills and find your Asian beauty—she may well turn out to be the love of your life—and you’ve already found a common interest!

Shows, cultural or other performances: Asian women love entertainment, whether it be the cinema, or a ballet

Meet Asian women

Meet Asian women

or dance show, or a recital or a cultural performance by, say, a troupe of actors from Beijing. The women will all be nicely dressed and made up, so get yourself presentable and head along to a show which captures your interest. Both in the pre-show assembly area during the intermission are ideal opportunities to strike up a conversation with a pretty woman; who knows, if you are lucky, you might even be sitting next to one… (or two or more)!

Educational facilities: most Asian women wish to better themselves educational, whether it be for their particular career to just for their hobby or interest. Joining a course or class, maybe language based or

Educational facilities

Educational facilities

maybe, say, even learning how to make pottery, will certainly get you into the company of upwardly mobile Asian women all wanting to make progress with their lives—and perhaps looking for someone to share their interests with

Finding where attractive Asian women congregate is the relatively easy part, being brave enough to “break the ice” and get to know the lady of your dreams is all up to you and your inherent charm!

But don’t worry, we have done most of the hard work for you on the subject you are really interested in… Asian women! We are here to assist as much as we can and have put together a series of articles addressing some of the most frequently asked questions, and concerns of foreign men looking for Asian women; we can give you some tips, some pointers and, hopefully, help you learn a lot more about these delectable women.
All of the articles on our website have been written by authors who really know their subject, having had their own first-hand experiences of beautiful Asian women; so read on and enjoy…!