“Right! I am going to do it!” you say to yourself. “I’m going to go to Asia, work for a few years (or maybe just visit for a few weeks), and find myself a beautiful Asian woman to date and then marry.”

But how do you get started? Where do you look? What key things do I need to know about? All these and a hundred and one other questions….

Well, of course, firstly make an outline plan, then peruse the following sections which give some tips about some places to look for help or information; obviously you can supplement your quest for information by searching the internet, but here are some starters:

Looking for a job:

getting gainful employment is going to be one of the keys to living in Asia whilst looking for your lady. Try these job sites to start with, then search the Net for some more specific to your profession, but don’t forget to check out the residency visa or other requirements for your country of choice early on:

JobsDb is a website which offers all levels of positions in a multitude of countries across the region; it’s free to register and they’ll happily send you emails updating on jobs daily.

South China Morning Post Classified Jobs section on a Saturday typically carries 4 or 5 extensive sections of jobs listings as part of the renowned English language newspaper, and is a great starting point if you are thinking of working in Hong Kong or China.

Cobalt Recruitment and Redpath Partners are two well known general recruitment agencies which tend to have their fair share of senior positions on offer, a number of which are in the construction, project management or real estate industries.

LinkedIn lists job vacancies and, for those who have registered to be part of the “Linked-In” business/social network, you can receive regular updates on positions which may be of interest.


it’ll be a big plus if you can communicate with your lovely lady in her native language. You don’t have to be fluent, but every little word helps! Probably the three major languages to consider learning are Chinese, Thai or Tagalog (Filipino). Have a look at:

Learn Chinese has been established some 15 years, originally by a Chinese professor at a US University, and takes you through the basics on-line.

Learning Thai suggests that they’ll help you learn Thai the easy way, and offers Forums, and chat rooms to communicate with like-minded people.

Learning Tagalog (Filipino) says that, if you are in a rush, with 15 minutes a day, you will be able to speak Tagalog within 6 months—sounds like it’s worth a try.

Read up:

at least learn something about the country where you plan to visit or stay and, of course, about the women who live there. Traditions, culture, other key things to know… and also avoid:

Life in China is a website which offers insights into the realities of living in the world’s most populous nation, plus helps you get started understanding the culture, the food and so on.

Living in Thailandregularly updates you know about all you need to know about living in Thailand—the good, the bad and the ugly aspects!

Living in The Philippines has, for over 20 years, been helping people looking to live, travel, do business or even retire in the country—what to watch out for and some do’s and don’ts.

Books or other material:

there are dozens and dozens of book and literature about Asia and you’ll need to dig around to see what catches your interest—information about Asian women in general or particularly the women in your chosen country. Some which might be of interest include:

Chinese women offers a guide to cross cultural relationships, looking at Chinese women and their take on marriage.

Thai women examines the differences between the perceptions many foreign men have about Thai women owing to the highly visible, yet extremely small, % of women in the country who engage in prostitution.

Filipinas is an informative site, letting you know some key things about women from The Philippines.

Dating sites:

probably the best place to start to find the love of your life, especially if you are only planning to visit the Asian region and are not able to work there; there are numerous sites offering ladies from every country in the region, but try:,,

or are four sites which offer a wide selection of women to meet, as well as back-up in the form of videos, members only sections and even, in some cases, arranging “romance tours” where you can go with like minded men looking for the Asian woman of your dreams—wow!

AsianPromise – dating Chinese Women

Chinese Dating Guide Book

Singles & Married Blog – At Singles and Married, Our mission / goal is to encourage and advice the matured singles to get married and teach the married how to enjoy their marriage life.

Use video media:

there are plenty of videos on You Tube, showing the good and the bad—from the cuties teaching Mandarin to the not-so-cute misbehaving in Pattaya, Thailand; from learning the language to simply admiring the beautiful women. Still it takes all sorts and you are sure to find what you want with a little searching; however, try:

Hot Sexy Beautiful Asian Women is a great place to start, as you are almost certainly, by now, wanting to see some lovely Asian women to get your pulse racing—so, why not take a look?

30 Beautiful Thai Actresses showcases 30 lovely ladies known for both their looks and their acting ability.

Learn Mandarin Chinese with Yangyang helps you have more fun learning the Chinese language, especially as you can see and hear the tutor, Yangyang.


once you have found someone who attracts you, keep in touch via, for example, Skype (lets you see your Asian Lady in real time, see what she is doing, hear her speak and so on) or maybe use WhatsApp or Line (both offer instant free messaging communication, with the added ability of adding short video clips and/or photos)

All sorts of other information can be found on the internet and, obviously, you can tailor your personal search more effectively by defining your requirements clearly and concisely… happy hunting!