Finding and getting to know a single Asian woman can be daunting for any foreign man; after all, for many men, it’s bad enough trying to find a woman in their own country as, contrary to popular belief, a lot of men are relatively shy or keen not to be rejected if they make an approach to a woman they are attracted to.

So, when looking for a woman of a different race, from a culture which might be 180 degrees away from the one you are used to, the whole situation can become be highly fraught—unless you have done your research and made a careful, workable plan.

Having said this, sometimes the best laid plans don’t work and, quite unexpectedly, you meet an available, attractive Asian woman—put this one down to fate! Still, many of my friends have used the following ways to meet women in Asia:

Dating sites: friends who are already in Asia, but also those who are still in their home country, use reputable dating sites—mainly because you know the Asian lady is available, she is looking for a mate—and there is no embarrassment attached in case it turns out she has a boyfriend, or even husband, already; or, worse still, she rejects your advances. Plus the foreign man can see her physically and learn something about her mentally and emotionally—all from the relative safety behind his keyboard!

Educational courses: join an educational course to better yourself; it’s not only good for you but also will give you the opportunity to meet a number of Asian ladies striving to further their own education; after all, what’s better than a beautiful Asian woman? A beautiful, well educated Asian woman…

In fact, doing a course about the language of the Asian country you are in also opens ups possibilities of meeting Asian ladies, as there are plenty of overseas born Asian women who have returned to Asia and who need to brush up on their mother tongue

Company gatherings or business events: you’ll probably already be getting to know some of the Asian women in your office on a professional level, but make a point of attending company functions or get-togethers to give yourself the opportunity to know them socially—many an office romance ends up in serious dating or marriage.

Similarly, business events or conferences are ideal to get to know Asian women in your profession or related professions, many of whom have worked hard on their career at the expense of finding a partner—you might be just the answer to their “prayers”!

Bars and clubs: these have been added as possible meeting places as, obviously, many men and women (week in, week out!) dress themselves up nicely, the women put on their make-up, grab their designer handbags and head for a night out. Whilst the main objective of both sides is to have a good time, and see who from the opposite sex is around and about (and available), from my experience, not too many of such meetings end up in long term commitment. Many Asian women are concerned about getting hooked up with a “party animal” type of foreign man… and that’s maybe one of the reasons they are not looking for a local man in the first place

Particularly in Asian, I’ve always found that meeting interesting, attractive Asian women happens when you least expect it (maybe even on a train or bus), so, whilst generally advocating careful planning, be prepared for that unexpected meeting too!