Let’s assume you’ve found your prospective Thai wife, the beauty who you’d like to spend the rest of your time with.

It’s, therefore, now the time to think about formally going through the procedures required to finally make your Thai women your wife.

With most Asian women, not just those from Thailand, the steps to a happy marriage begin well before the “big day” so what are some of the key things you need to do, think about or be aware of?

Marriage with your Thai wife: before and after

 Before you ask your Thai wife to marry you, and this may sound strange, but be absolutely, 100% sure. Don’t rush into things on the basis of only knowing her for a few weeks or months (read: holiday romance).

Thai Wife

Thai Wife

It’s all so easy to get involved quickly with a Thai woman and many foreign men seem to leave their brains behind in their home country when coming to Thailand. Try and find out as much as you possibly can about your prospective Thai wife beforehand—it’s far better to take just that little but more time before commitment rather than find you know less about your Thai wife than you need to, particularly as some Thai women are quite well known for changing their demeanour and attitude after marriage.

Your Thai wife’s family

One thing many foreign men need to realise early on is that when they marry a Thai wife, to all intents and purposes they are marrying the wife’s family too. No matter how much your Thai women may love you, she’ll love her family first and foremost. Not only that but she’ll do everything they ever ask from her, including obtaining their tacit or express approval before contemplating marrying a “Farang”.

Such requests from the family may be occasional or regular financial support, it may simply be moral support; it may involve ferrying her parents around at their whim or taking care of her sister’s children for a while.

So, before you decide to ask your Thai wife to marry you, check out her family—and also check out the expected amount of dowry you will be required to pay to marry your sweetheart. This can vary widely and, whilst it’s not a good idea to try to negotiate this amount directly with the parents, it is possible to use your prospective wife as a go-between—in fact, to get her opinion on this before you even approach the family is even wiser.

Your Thai wife: some cultural differences

If you believe that men are from one planet and women generally are from another, be well prepared for major cultural differences when dating and then settling down with your Thai wife. Thai society is very traditional with deeply ingrained beliefs, values and customs.

Your Thai wife will have been brought up accordingly, especially if she is from the provinces, and some of her customs and beliefs may seen alien or outdated to you. Always bear in mind that you are taking this Thai woman as your wife for better or worse and, hopefully, in the full knowledge of what she is really like!

Of course, in most cases marrying a Thai wife is fairly smooth sailing and without major issues—but some advance research always helps!